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  • 6月 24 / 2014
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Jazz 爵士

The Roots – Instrumentals Album (2009)

Distortion To Static
What They Do
Proceed II
Concerto Of The Desperado
Da Lesson 1
Da Lesson III (It’s Over Now)
U.N.I.verse At War
Sweetback (Au Natural)
Proceed Without A Pause
Distortion To Static (At Ease Remix)
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  • 6月 17 / 2014
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Jazz 爵士

Crookram – Through Windows [2010]

01 – Back To The School
02 – Crookrilla
03 – Breakdawn
04 – Missione Pericolosa
05 – Bij De Rest
06 – Please Get Out Of The New One If You Can’t Blend The Ancient
07 – Through Windows
08 – Two Seven Three Eleven
09 – Good Morning Good Days
10 – Makedonija
11 – Your Eyes Are Full Of Hate
12 – Bodies
13 – Badalamenti
14 – A Man Named Ivan
15 – Business Is Business
16 – Eugene Et Le Cerceau
17 – Sun
18 – The Confrontation
19 – I Saw You

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  • 6月 17 / 2014
  • Thomas Prime – Waiting For Tomorrow[The Instrumentals](2012)已关闭评论
Jazz 爵士

Thomas Prime – Waiting For Tomorrow[The Instrumentals](2012)

  《Waiting for Tomorrow》是来自英国伦敦的HipHop/Jazz-hop音乐制作人Thomas Prime在2011年2月10号正式发行的个人专集,共收录了22首歌曲,参与合作的有Awon,Jas Mace,Mar Var,CL,Mrs Bux,The 49ers,Thurro,Seeka,Jr,Akin Yai,Dicap,Fae Woods,Tiff The Gift,2mo’Key等多位音乐人!
   Thomas Prime原是日本音乐厂牌GoonTrax旗下的音乐人,《Waiting for Tomorrow》也是他在该厂牌的发行的首张专集。在之前GoonTrax发行的合辑《In Ya Mellow Tone 5》收录的Thomas Prime的一首与Seeka & Jr合作的“Heartbreak”后,让他在日本以及海外都受到了很多关注。可能是由于Thomas Prime受到了Nujabes的影响很多大,这张《Waiting for Tomorrow》的音乐给人的感觉有点东西方结合的感觉,还是相当不错的!同时专集也中收录了一首向Nujabes致敬的歌曲“Luv4u”。
01. Intellectual Criminals [Instrumental] 03:23
02. Iron Mask [Instrumental] 03:30
03. Old Skool [Instrumental] 03:12
04. Music Plays On [Instrumental] 03:58
05. Heartbreak [Instrumental] 04:04
06. Class of ’99 [Instrumental] 03:26
07. Strictly Underground pt 2 [Instrumental] 03:47
08. International Night [Instrumental] 03:43
09. Feel The Same [Instrumental] 03:59
10. Changing Lanes [Instrumental] 03:13
11. Honest Lies [Instrumental] 02:26
12. Dynamite Love [Instrumental] 03:54
13. Luv4u [Instrumental] 03:24

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  • 6月 17 / 2014
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Rhythm 旋律

Blue Sky Black Death & Hell Razah – Razah’s Ladder Instrumentals 2007


“Our father Jacob is having a dream,“ Hell Razah recounts at the outset of the excellent Razah’s Ladder. “And in this dream he sees a ladder that’s set up on the earth, and the top of it reaches into the heaven. He say he can hail the angels of Yahweh, ascending and descending on this ladder, and when he look to the top of it, he saw the creator of the universe: Yahweh. He who is, he who was, and he who shall be.”

Over Blue Sky Black Death’s lonely saxophone, the telling of the Old Testament tale is a perfect intro for the brooding Ladder; right away, Razah establishes himself as the wise seer, tugging at his thick beard as he explains the ways of the world, as he bring us up his ladder one rung at a time.

Samples from the poorly aging Tarantino-lite Boondock Saints are awkward but easy to ignore thanks to Razah’s engaging, often cryptic lyrics, especially his oblique Judaism references. Razah, who came up with the Wu-Tang-affiliated Sunz of Man and has run solo since 2001’s When All Hell Breaks Loose, has, as far as I can tell, no explicit association with Judaism. (He says on 2004’s “What Gangstas Do”: “I injure players like Ray Lewis, vests spray through it/ Get mad cash like I’m half Jewish.”) Repeatedly, he draws an association with Jews and Israel: “I was told by wise men that the blacks was Jews/ So that made me strap up with tools”; “This for the kids outside that’s in the military/ No matter black or Israeli, they both want us buried”; “I get chills from the pain every time that I kneel/ Now my head is saying prayer for the rest of Israel”; “I’m about to blow like an ave. in Tel Aviv”; “On Shabbat we give the Most High props through hip-hop.”

That’s one of the intriguing things about hip-hop; it’s a conducive medium for a vocalist to craft a persona. Razah’s enigmatic lyrics hint at a personally cultivated, oddball belief system, and, like the best material from his former mentors in the Wu-Tang Clan, demand repeat listenings for proper deciphering.

Razah summed up the recording process, a full-album collaborative effort with the relatively new San Francisco production duo Blue Sky Black Death, as “Studio equipment, Hennessy bottles, spiritual books, sour diesel, and a box of Dutches.” Kingston and Young God of Blue Sky Black Death explained further that that they provided Razah with more beats than he could use, allowing him to pick and choose the best fits. And it shows: The production makes Razah’s mid-groove flow seem downright effortless. Razah’s Ladder makes me wonder, once again, why more emcee don’t employ the practice of the full-album collaboration.

On “Audiobigoraphy,” Razah walks us through his sojourning, small-stakes career — through busted record deals, limited-run seven-inches, flopping LPs — as much for his own fleeting posterity as for our sake. At one point he brings up a few perceived creative appropriations from his higher-profile one-time boosters — “Me and 7th did “Livin’ in Hell”/ Pressed up it independent, not knowin’ if a record would sell/ Rae and Ghost made “Heaven & Hell” while we was hearin’ it/ Meanwhile we thinkin’ it was all coincidence.” He’s not bitter — more confused, shruggingly pensive about what might have been.

Of course, the burn of watching dudes he came up with grace magazine covers and cash royalty checks that as far as Razah is concerned might well have been his will never completely fade. But the emcee has seemingly accepted his fate as a foot soldier in the campaign for quality hip-hop, independent or otherwise. This late-career period finds Razah at ease — confident, reflective, singularly focused on his music, free of resentment. As Razah’s Ladder attests, it should be a fertile one.

01. Elevation
02. Razah’s Ladder
03. The Cube
04. Halos
05. Most Merciful
06. Audiobiography
07. Pray Together
08. Poor Righteous Dreams
09. Better Than Jewelry
10. Project Prophecy
11. Painted Jezebels
12. Written In Blood
13. Stairway To Heaven
14. Sun Of Man
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  • 5月 18 / 2014
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Rhythm 旋律

Scab Beatz – Straight From Tokyo

Scab Beatz – Liberty 1:54
Scab Beatz – White Out 2:18
Scab Beatz – Love N Hate 3:14
Scab Beatz – Daydream 1:47
Scab Beatz – Ghetto Youth 2:05
Scab Beatz – New Day 3:10
Scab Beatz – The Park 2:59
Scab Beatz – Soul Street 0:53
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  • 5月 18 / 2014
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Jazz 爵士

Phoniks – The Instrumentals Vol.1


01. Phoniks – Rap For Hours
02. Phoniks – Cream
03. Phoniks – The Life I Live
04. Phoniks – Got To My Head
05. Phoniks – Sleep
06. Phoniks – Star Eyes
07. Phoniks – Game Of Chess
08. Phoniks – Lonely Rhodes
09. Phoniks – Sunlight And Shadows
10. Phoniks – Travelling
11. Phoniks – Day At The Park
12. Phoniks – No Stress
13. Phoniks – Autumn To Winter

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  • 5月 02 / 2014
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【经典再临】Damu The Fudgemunk – Damumelo


I listened “Redef Remix” on Saturday and then i spent the whole Sunday afternoon listening to my favorite instrumentals and beats released by Damu in last years, i was annoyed to play the “skip game” (yep the funny game when you start to hit the skip button to find your favorite track) so i decided to select like a 60 minutes of instrumentals and beats to put into my mp3 player…. then this morning i was thinking: mmm i’m gonna do a “cover” (a photo with not a good title… yep) and i’m gonna post this to the blog…. here it is.

01. Pulse – Fudgemunk Instro 2006
02. The Beat Goes On
03. You Know Who! (2006)
04. All Green
05. Never Off (On & On)
06. How Many Of Us
07. Wonka Beat 5
08. Coffee Table – 2005
09. Boomerang Luck (2007)
10. Peace I’m Out the Door
11. Prosper
12. Killin’ Time Rhyme
13. Not So Young Anymore (2005)
14. Colorful Storms – Official Mix
15. Time Leak (Redef Remix)
16. Tea Thyme (2005)
17. Gettin’ & Steppin (2006)
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  • 4月 28 / 2014
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Rhythm 旋律

Onra – Chinoiseries

这首歌叫做The Anthem,后来被用在姚明和Le Brown James为北京奥林匹克做的可口可乐广告里,当然是换了歌词。。
带着30个很稀有的黑胶唱片回到法国,他做出了专辑Chinoiserie,一张深受J.DILLA还有越南和中国传统音乐影响的地下杰作,就好像他驾驶着Hip Hop文艺复兴的宇宙飞船在家航行。
1 Introduction
2 The Anthem
3 Chop Your Hands
4 Relax in Nui Ne
5 Naughty Hottie (Interlude)
6 Eat Dog
7 Last Tango in Saigon
8 Apocalypse Now
9 I Wanna Go Back
10 Full backpack
11 War
12 Lesson with the Master
13 Dark Sea
14 Phuoc Dat (Interlude)
15 Boundless Boundaries
16 What Up Duyet?
17 Welcome to Viet Nam
18 Here Come the Flutes
19 The Vallee of Love
20 Smoking Buddha
21 Clap Clap
22 Bounce (Interlude)
23 Live from Hue
24 Where’s My Longan?
25 Take a Ride
26 Raw
27 The Ritual
28 Cymbal Oelek
29 The Third Sword (Interlude)
30 One Day
31 They Got Breaks Too
32 Hope

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  • 4月 19 / 2014
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Rhythm 旋律

K-Def – The Exhibit (2013)

01. Exhibit 2A Feat. Seven Shawn (Of World Renown)
02. The Fundamentals Feat. Blu, Quartermaine
03. Improvs From The Brain (Instrumental)
04. Mind Boggled (Instrumental)
05. Get Your Mustard (Instrumental
06. Relay The Piece (Instrumental)
07. Lost My Thought (Instrumental)
08. Stay Thinking About Music (Ins
09. Belly Pots (Instrumental)
10. Sitting At The Crib Pondering
11. Chord Tester (Instrumental)
12. Rock It (Instrumental)
13. Lost Outro (Instrumental)
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