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  • 7月 01 / 2014
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曲目列表 Track List :
01 . Ciara – Body Party Prod by Mike WiLL Made It
02 . Omarion – You Like It
03 . Trey Songz – Foreign Prod by SoundZ
04 . Usher – Trading Places
05 . Common Ft.Erykah Badu – Love of My Life
06 . Erykah Badu – Honey
07 . Erykah Badu – Danger
08 . Down Low – Johnny B
09 . B Smyth – Gettin’ That Prod by Sean Garrett
10 . The Pussycat Dolls – Stickwitu
11 . Raheem DeVaughn – Love Connection Prod by Carvin & Ivan
12 . Joe – I’d Rather Have A Love Prod by DOA
13 . Ne-Yo Ft.Wiz Khalifa – Don’t Make Em Like You
14 . Kat Dahlia – Gangsta Prod by J Dens
15 . Sammie – Ambien Nights Prod by M-Millz
16 . Sempala Producer – The Next Chapter
17 . Mariah Carey – Youre Mine
18 . Mario – Fatal Distraction Prod by Bink
19 . TQ – Westside
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  • 6月 27 / 2014
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Rhythm 旋律

Souls Of Mischief – Montezuma’s Revenge Instrumentals [2009]

Montezuma’s Revenge was created the old-fashioned way, with the MCs A-Plus, Phesto, Opio & Tajai – and producers Prince Paul & Domino – in the lab together from the beginning to the end of the recording process. “We rented a house” explains Opio. “Prince Paul came out, we had no distractions, we just did music every day. ” “It was cool” adds Tajai. “He had concepts, and its good to have an outside perspective – it was a great process.” The result is a cohesive, creative Hip Hop album, the kind of project you d expect from veterans like Souls of Mischief under the auspices of a genius producer like Prince Paul. Souls first encountered Prince Paul while touring with A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul back in the day. But it was on a more recent tour with Handsome Boy Modeling School that the seeds of this collaboration were planted. So what exactly is Montezuma’s Revenge? Tajai comments, “We recorded the album on Montezuma Street.” The final product features 18 tracks of the quality Hip Hop you ve come to expect from Hieroglyphics, with cover art by esteemed illustrator Steve Lopez (famous for his illustrations of Erykah Badu and others). Of course there s more to the title than the location of the recording, Tajai says “The deeper meaning is this album will make you cr@p yourself.”

01 Intro (Instrumental)
02 Woni (Instrumental)
03 Postal (Instrumental)
04 Tour Stories (Instrumental)
05 Proper Aim (Instrumental)
06 You Got It (Instrumental)
07 Hiero HQ (Instrumental)
08 Poets (Instrumental)
09 Fourmation (Instrumental)
10 Dead Man Walkin (Instrumental)
11 For Real Y’all (Instrumental)
12 Lickity Split (Instrumntal)
13 Home Game (Instrumental)
14 Lalala (Instrumental)

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  • 6月 27 / 2014
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Rhythm 旋律

Amerigo Gazaway – Yasiin Gaye: The Departure (Side One) Instrumentals

1. Intro Theme (The Departure)
2. Inner City Travellin’ Man
3. Definition of Infinity feat. Talib Kweli
4. I Want You ‘Til The Summertime
5. Ms. Fat Booty
6. The Panties feat. Teddy Pendergrass
7. Workin’ It Out
8. Peculiar Mathematics
9. “T” Plays a Cool Loop (Interlude)
10. Time (To Get It Together)
11. Inner City Breathin’ feat. Tammi Terrell
12. Two Worlds feat. Kanye West
13. Soul Mates Radio (Intermission)
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  • 6月 27 / 2014
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Hardcore 硬核

M.O.P. – Sparta (Instrumentals) (2011)


Hailing from Brownsville, Brooklyn, Billy Danze and Lil Fame have solidified their reputation as iconic lyricists through their years of hard-hitting rhymes and unparalleled tenacity. Never compromising their style and having shared the mic with industry greats such as Jay-Z, Jadakiss, Styles P, Guru, ODB, Busta Rhymes, and Redman, just to name a few, the duo has rightfully earned its status as one of the most revered acts in hip-hop today.
  In Late July 2011, Billy Danze took to Conspiracy Worldwide Radio to break the news that M.O.P.’s upcoming album will be a collaborative effort with German & Danish production team, the Snowgoons. Speaking on the album, Danze said, “[Snowgoons] just sent us some fire…those dudes are incredible…when you hear this project, you’re going to be satisfied as an M.O.P. fan and a Snowgoons fan.” Ensuring fans around the world that this will be one of their most diverse sounding albums, the Mash Out Posse member went on to praise the Snowgoons, proclaiming, “they’ve got everything…they’re blazing through and coming from different angles. These guys providing us with that dramatic sound, with those theatrical sounds, with that hard hip-hop…they supplied us with everything. I’m really psyched about this project.”

1. Sparta (Produced By: Snowgoons)(instrumental
2. Back At It (Produced By: Snowgoons)(instrumental
3. Get Yours (Produced By: Snowgoons)(instrumental)
4. Blaspemy (Blast For Me) (Produced By: Snowgoons)(instrumental)
5. Opium (Produced By: Snowgoons)(instrumental)
6. Hard Niggaz (Produced By: Snowgoons)(instrumental)
7. Rollin’ (Produced By: Snowgoons)(instrumental)
8. No Mercy (Produced By: Snowgoons)(instrumental)
9. Break ‘Em (Produced By: Snowgoons)(instrumental)
10. Body On The Iron (Produced By: Snowgoons)(instrumental)

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  • 6月 27 / 2014
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Hardcore 硬核

Step Brothers (The Alchemist & Evidence) – Lord Steppington (Instrumentals) (2014)


01. Step Brothers – More Wins
02. Step Brothers – Dr. Kimble
03. Step Brothers – Byron G
04. Step Brothers – Legendary Mesh
05. Step Brothers – No Hesitation
06. Step Brothers – Swimteam Rastas
07. Step Brothers – Mums In The Garage
08. Step Brothers – See The Rich Man Play
09. Step Brothers – Banging Sound
10. Step Brothers – Step Masters
11. Step Brothers – Tomorrow
12. Step Brothers – Draw Something
13. Step Brothers – Buzzing Away
14. Step Brothers – Just Step

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  • 6月 17 / 2014
  • Thomas Prime – Waiting For Tomorrow[The Instrumentals](2012)已关闭评论
Jazz 爵士

Thomas Prime – Waiting For Tomorrow[The Instrumentals](2012)

  《Waiting for Tomorrow》是来自英国伦敦的HipHop/Jazz-hop音乐制作人Thomas Prime在2011年2月10号正式发行的个人专集,共收录了22首歌曲,参与合作的有Awon,Jas Mace,Mar Var,CL,Mrs Bux,The 49ers,Thurro,Seeka,Jr,Akin Yai,Dicap,Fae Woods,Tiff The Gift,2mo’Key等多位音乐人!
   Thomas Prime原是日本音乐厂牌GoonTrax旗下的音乐人,《Waiting for Tomorrow》也是他在该厂牌的发行的首张专集。在之前GoonTrax发行的合辑《In Ya Mellow Tone 5》收录的Thomas Prime的一首与Seeka & Jr合作的“Heartbreak”后,让他在日本以及海外都受到了很多关注。可能是由于Thomas Prime受到了Nujabes的影响很多大,这张《Waiting for Tomorrow》的音乐给人的感觉有点东西方结合的感觉,还是相当不错的!同时专集也中收录了一首向Nujabes致敬的歌曲“Luv4u”。
01. Intellectual Criminals [Instrumental] 03:23
02. Iron Mask [Instrumental] 03:30
03. Old Skool [Instrumental] 03:12
04. Music Plays On [Instrumental] 03:58
05. Heartbreak [Instrumental] 04:04
06. Class of ’99 [Instrumental] 03:26
07. Strictly Underground pt 2 [Instrumental] 03:47
08. International Night [Instrumental] 03:43
09. Feel The Same [Instrumental] 03:59
10. Changing Lanes [Instrumental] 03:13
11. Honest Lies [Instrumental] 02:26
12. Dynamite Love [Instrumental] 03:54
13. Luv4u [Instrumental] 03:24

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