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Jazz 爵士

DJ Sonny – The SunGod Instrumental Collection

01.Cutting it
02.Earth Steez
04.Rebirth Of The Realness
05.The Something
07.DJ Sonny – Fingerprints of the SunGod 02:39
08.Dj Sonny – Skip a Beat 02:00
09.Dj Sonny – Horns 03:04
10.Dj Sonny – Positivity 03:31
11.DJ Sonny – Sorry 03:20
12.Dj Sonny – Optical illusions 02:45
13.DJ Sonny – Talking About
14.Galactic Rap Ft Han CMC 02:29
15.Life of a Samurai 03:22
16.Hip Hop For BreakFast 02:43
17.Ill it Up 03:04
18.Made in Scotland 04:28
19.Flick off the Switch 03:18
20.Enquiries Help line 02:59
21.DJ Sonny – the Realness 02:37
22.DJ Sonny – Now Thats What i Call Hip Hop 03:15
23.DJ Sonny – YEA 02:08
24.DJ Sonny – To the Fans 01:39
25.DJ Sonny – Skeleton Dance 01:15
26.DJ Sonny – The Quest 01:52
27.DJ Sonny – Dig Hip Hop 03:00
28.DJ Sonny – That was then this is Now 02:12
29.DJ Sonny – Mac Chilling 02:22
30.DJ Sonny – Christmas Joint 02:46
31.Some People 02:51
32.Easysteps 03:36
33.Immortal technique 04:03
34.Unlisted 03:51
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Jazz 爵士

Jonathan Butler – Living My Dream

Living My Dream
South African singer-songwriter-guitarist Jonathan Butler is tending to his herb garden at his suburban Los Angeles home. Growing tomatoes, bell peppers, rosemary, sage and thyme, his new pastime that he says gives him “a new sense of heaven,” is part of a mindset he has cultivated that he has dubbed “the season of me.” The musical counterpart to this harvest season in the two-time Grammy® nominee’s life is Living My Dream, a bountiful feast of organically nurtured contemporary jazz instrumentals and soul-mined R&B vocal cuts—all original songs that he produced and tracked live in the House of Blues studio in Los Angeles.

“Each album is a page of your life and this is the season of Jonathan Butler, the season of me. It took years for me to be able to use the term ‘living my dream.’ I had to grow in my confidence and comfort and security first,” says Butler. “It’s one of those albums that I really didn’t think I had in me. I had been struggling, going through this emotional period. Last year was a transitional period. Once I got my wind and got back to a place of focus, it turned out to be the best experience for me. I had to be vulnerable to the songs. It was magical tracking the album and I felt surrounded by the positive vibes from everyone in the studio, especially [daughter] Jodie [Butler] and Dennis Dodd, Jr. They beat me up to write every day. They motivated and pushed me, and kept me focused. When others believe in you, it’s nothing to take lightly. Jodie and Dennis believed in me and I think we did something great on this album. I kept the production natural. These are all original compositions that came from the heart. It’s a classic Jonathan Butler album.”

Like Butler’s best material from a diverse, award-winning and chart-topping career that has spanned R&B, jazz, pop and gospel, Living My Dream provides an honest and revealing soulfully-inspired songbook probing the artist’s life and loves: God, family and his homeland. “It’s the story of my life and the newness of discovery. These really are the best years of my life. I consider all that has happened so that I may gain the knowledge of Christ. What I’m going through, what I’ve been through and what I will go through is going to make me better. It’s a healthy piece of my life. Forgetting all that is behind me and all that lies ahead, I press on,” shares Butler, who often references scripture in conversation.

The set opens with the instrumental “African Breeze,” the first radio single that was originally penned by Butler 30 years ago for The Jewel of the Nile soundtrack, a big Hollywood movie starring Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner and Danny DeVito. “I wanted to redo it and make it a ‘now’ experience,” he says of the brisk, energetic African-hued dancer with the festive melody plucked on nylon string guitar.

The down-tempo title cut cruises an R&B groove highlighted by horn fills and a trademark electric guitar-vocal scat from Butler mid-tune. “I love the urban-ness. It’s old school with real urban grit. It’s about enjoying where I’m at in life. It’s a cool groove that really comes alive,” says Butler about the song he memorably debuted live last August at the iconic Hollywood Bowl with Jodie Butler singing background vocals.

Writing and recording the gorgeous meditative instrumental “Be Still” during George Duke’s final days taught Butler a lesson. “I went to hang with him and he took me into his wine cellar. We sat for four to five hours and George spoke the entire time. I didn’t even speak. He just opened up about family, our wives, faith and relationships. I had to remind him that I came to write a song with him. I picked up my guitar and the song came so easy and fast. George taught me to connect first as friends before making music. The song has a lot of emotion and was named for one of George’s favorite scriptures.”

Marcus Miller plays on “Be Still” as well as on the mid-tempo R&B instrumental “Let There Be Light,” which the legendary bassist-songwriter-producer wrote with Butler, who illuminates on nylon string guitar. Saxophonist Elan Trotman graces the track with soprano sax elegance. “I played him a few notes and Marcus just heard it all. The song is reminiscent of the Marcus Miller/David Sanborn collaborations.”

Butler wrote the R&B-pop confessional “Heart and Soul” in 20 minutes while tears flowed. “It blows my mind. It’s a true reflection, an apologetic love song. It’s the essence, the heart of where I was at the time. It’s a testimonial.”

Dodd, Jr. penned “Song For You,” which takes a bit of a different detour. The undeniably infectious R&B-pop tune has a shuffling beat infused with reggae nuances and Butler’s cool-toned electric guitar. “It’s a fun song and we threw in the horns just for fun. It adds a nice flavor to the record. It’s part of the unique story I’m trying to share with everybody. It’s not my song yet it affects me and tells part of my story. It connected with me and it’s different than what people would expect from me. I’d rather not make the same music over and over again.”

Butler speaks through a laidback electric guitar instrumental adorned with rousing, churchlike organ on “Catembe,” named for a place where he hopes to live one day in the Indian Ocean in Mozambique near Maputo.

An urban adult romancer, “Night To Remember” makes tantalizing electric guitar overtures amidst a vocal duet from Jonathan and Jodie Butler. “Jodie is pretty savvy as a songwriter. She has some amazing ideas. I’m proud of her.”

“All About Love” begins with an extended vocal and keyboard intro before a sophisticated R&B beat kicks in. “It talks about the family—this household—these women that I love so much,” reveals Butler, a dedicated family man.

Butler closes the session with a pair of poignant nylon string guitar instrumentals. The first composition Butler wrote for Living My Dream, “Sweet Serenade,” is a poetic beauty with drama underscored by a horn section. A solemn, bluesy offering that was written at sound check, “A Prayer” stirs the heavens with celestial vocal harmonization. “I’m fortunate to work with some of the best young Israeli musicians, including Davy Nathan, who plays keyboards with Babyface and Toni Braxton. I love the chant part that Jodie and I sang at the end. That’s where the prayer comes in.”

The youngest of 13 children, Butler grew up in destitute in Cape Town, South Africa, ruled by Apartheid and segregation. “I was born poor, but richly blessed with talent and the gift to make music,” he says. “I can’t dismiss where I’ve been or where I’ve come from. I’m a proud South African and I came from nothing.”

Butler began his singing career at age 7, releasing his first album in 1973 and winning the Best New Artist Grammy in South Africa the following year at age 12. He made history by being the first black artist played on white South African radio while earning three gold records (“Please Stay” went double gold and “I Love How You Love Me” went gold) in 1975 as he became a teenager.

More than a decade later, Butler moved to London, England after signing with Jive Records and released his first album internationally. The self-titled set went gold in 1987 in the United Kingdom and in the USA. He received Grammy nominations for Best R&B Song for his R&B-pop vocal hit “Lies” and for Best Jazz Song for the instrumental “Going Home.” His genre-busting material earned songwriter’s awards and received abundant airplay in multiple radio formats: pop, urban, contemporary jazz, adult contemporary and gospel. Butler’s 2004 album, Surrender, went gold in South Africa where he remains a superstar. “I don’t think I’ve ever really celebrated these moments in my life. I’ve spent my whole life taking care of people ever since I was seven. And I’m grateful, but this is the season of me.”

Butler is still taking care of people back home. Last fall, he launched the Jonathan Butler Foundation in his native country to fund music education programs that give children the purpose to overcome a life of drugs and poverty just as he did. The music and arts programs serving South African children ages 4-17 operate with the mission statement, “Purpose kills addiction.”

“I’m very proud that this is my legacy, giving back to people in South Africa. I’m happy to inspire these young kids and I’m extremely proud and encouraged about reclaiming our children from drug lords by teaching them how to sing and play instruments. The (South African) government has stepped in to find ways to progressively move and get more people involved. We’ve been in Pretoria and Johannesburg since we started and we’ll be launching in Cape Town in October. It’s so important to be in that city because it’s where I’m from,” explains Butler about the foundation that aims to launch a satellite component in the U.S. this year to increase assistance in South Africa.

Another aspect of Butler’s “season of me” is his blossoming love affair with golf. He’s only been playing slightly more than a year, but he’s smitten and plays almost daily, often with other musicians. “I’m not sure how golf took over, but it attached itself to me. I can go out on the golf course and have ‘guy time.’ I’m completely taken over by this little white ball. I’m so at peace and calm when I’m out there and so relaxed after playing, which I never thought would be the case since I’ve never been a sports guy. I wasn’t trying to find another passion, but it actually found me. Golf has become my saving grace and has given me a look inside me. I think it’s the freedom. It’s amazing how much it’s given me.”

In concert, Butler remains a captivating and powerful performer, pouring his heart into selections from his immense catalogue. In addition to being a popular draw at headline dates, festival shows and music cruises, Butler thrives on interacting with his fans. For the past 4 years, he has led a group of 35 guests each fall on the Jonathan Butler Safari, during which he shares his South Africa by visiting important landmarks in his life, as well as historic locales such as the prison on Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was jailed.

“I’ve come to a really good place in my life even if finding my way there was tough. I’m living my dream and it’s amazing what God is doing—seeing all these things through tears and pain. Seeing God place me in these extraordinary places and opportunities…if I couldn’t see it, I’d really be blind and faithless. I need to hold onto the love surrounding me. I had never really dropped my shoulders to embrace it. It took shedding my skin, realigning and readjusting myself as a person, honestly looking at how I can become a better person, which affects my family. We stood together through difficult periods and it taught me not to make too many allowances in life of which I had been making too many. It was a trying time and a difficult year emotionally and personally, but I did a lot of reflecting over the past two years and I’m in a good place,” summarizes Butler.

During an extraordinary musical life that has unfolded in the public eye, Butler has seen and endured a lot. He’s watched his country turn itself inside out for the better—much like he has done with his own life. Living and witnessing the brutalities and injustice of oppression as a celebrated child star while at the same time not permitted to enjoy basic human rights, indulgence naturally became his coping device. If not for a spiritual intervention, his light would have been extinguished long ago on the mercilessly dark path of abuse and self-destruction. His music has purpose, providing comfort and genuine inspiration. When he sings, he testifies to the glory and healing power of love. When he plays guitar, his fast fingers innately find notes of passion and divinity. Jonathan Butler’s recording career has carried him far, far beyond his wildest dreams. He’s living his dream and that is a blessing for us all.

African Breeze
Living My Dream
Be Still
Let There Be Light
Heart and Soul
Song For You
Night To Remember
All About Love
Sweet Serenade
A Prayer

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Rhythm 旋律

Damu The Fudgemunk – Public Assembly (2014)


1.Hole Up – Instrumental Version 03:46
2.Truly Get Yours – Instrumental Version 05:02
3.Wings Remix (Union ft. Elzhi) – Instrumental Version 02:26
4.Madvillain Revision – Instrumental 02:27
5.Streamline – Instrumental Version 06:42
6.Overthrone: Try a lil Skillfulness – Instrumental 05:55
7.Supply For Demand Intro – Instrumental Version w/o Scratches 02:09
8.Same Beat – Instrumental Version 03:51
9.Bright Side OG Mix – Instrumental Version 03:14
10.Yes We Can – For Headphones Mix – Instrumental 06:36
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Jazz 爵士

Kero One – Windmills of the Soul Instrumentals

Kero One是来自加州Bay Area、HipHop新生代艺人,他是出生在美国的韩裔美国人.


2004年是Kero事业转折的一年,话说2003年底发行的Check the blueprints全世界大卖7,000张,所以日本涉谷爵士嘻哈系王道唱片行Jazzy Sports替Kero One在日本举办巡迴公演,又让Kero One在日本地区的itune和淘儿唱片都拿下不错的销售量,看準日本市场的可塑性,Kero闭门造车(我自己乱说的)了一年,终於在去年年底发行了第一张专辑Windmills of the Soul (是为了尊崇Kero心目中的Jazz竖琴王道Dorothy Ashby所命名的)。这张灵魂风车专辑,就如同我之前所述,承接了西岸爵士嘻哈的优秀传统,没有太多的花招,没有Party track,全然的就是轻鬆悠閒一派,描述Kero对於神的敬爱,对於世间的关怀,以及音乐的喜爱。(西岸,不是只有Gangster Rap和大麻的~~)

专辑中所收录的歌曲,有些是Kero在96/97年就开始做的拍,有些是这几年陆陆续续的创作,Kero大量运用萨克斯风和爱琴Fender Rhodes 88,交织出这整张专辑的主要架构。Kero比较重视旋律的完整性和原创性,少掉了一些不必要的Chop,听眾更可以完整的去体会他心目中的爵士世界,这也是和其他一些爵士嘻哈的製作人不同的地方。Kero也找来了Sound Provider的J-Skill帮忙做后製混音,因此灵魂风车飘逸著淡淡的SP味~~

很多人一听见KERO ONE的音乐,都以为他是个不折不扣的黑人。因为它的音乐扎实的表现出Jazz hip hop音乐的精华,除此之外又多了一份纤细典雅的品味。其实KERO ONE实际上是个在美国长大的韩裔美国人,而製作出许多膾炙人口的jazz hip hop佳作,如「My Story」、「Keep It Alive」、「It’s a New Day」、「Ain’t That Somethin」。

Kero One 一开始其实是个街头涂鸦艺术家。后来因受七零年代Funk、灵魂、R&B音乐,和许多artists如Lord Finesse、D.I.T.C、The Pharcyde等人的作品影响,Kero One 开始走进音乐的领域并製作出许多优秀的作品。在 Kero One 的音乐融合了大量的爵士及灵魂音乐元素,并搭配上由他斯文嗓音所谱出的流畅饶舌,使得 Kero One 虽然截至目前为止只发行了「Windmills of The Soul 」和以「Windmills of The Soul 」中作品为主的纯instrumentals专辑「Windmills Instrumentals」和几张单曲作品,却儼然成为jazz hip hop乐界中,最炙手可热的DJ / MC之一 !!!



1. Windmills Intro
2. Give Thanks feat. Niamaj
3. Musical Journey
4. My Story
5. In a Dream
6. Ain’t That Somethin?
7. Tempted
8. In All the Wrong Places
9. Keep it Alive!
10. The Cycle Repeats
11. Fly Fly Away
12. It’s a New Day
13. Check The Blueprints
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Rhythm 旋律

Blue Sky Black Death – Euphoric Tape III (2014)


01. Blue Sky Black Death – Only Promises
02. Blue Sky Black Death – End Of Days
03. Blue Sky Black Death – Apparitions
04. Blue Sky Black Death – Fortune
05. Blue Sky Black Death – You Ain’t A G (Deniro Farrar)
06. Blue Sky Black Death – Stay Away
07. Blue Sky Black Death – Walk Away (JMSN remix Instrumental)
08. Blue Sky Black Death – Luca Brasi (Nacho Picasso)
09. Blue Sky Black Death – Summoned (Skull And Bones)
10. Blue Sky Black Death – Brave Hearts
11. Blue Sky Black Death – Bloody Murder (Nacho Picasso)
12. Blue Sky Black Death – Mob Ties (Nacho Picasso)
13. Blue Sky Black Death – Drug Life (Skull And Bones)
14. Blue Sky Black Death – On A Bitch (Nacho Picasso)
15. Blue Sky Black Death – Money In The Bag (Skull And Bones)
16. Blue Sky Black Death – Phantom Of The Opera (Nacho Picasso)

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Mixtape 分享

RipBeat – Проект Увечье: Instrumentals (2014)


01. RipBeat – Делирий
02. RipBeat – Стрижка
03. RipBeat – Момент Свободы
04. RipBeat – Между Нами (Версия 2)
05. RipBeat – Цвета
06. RipBeat – Будь Что Будет
07. RipBeat – Подморозило
08. RipBeat – Голограммы
09. RipBeat – Вирши
10. RipBeat – Зимовье
11. RipBeat – Антидепрессант
12. RipBeat – Необратимость
13. RipBeat – У Моей Мечты
14. RipBeat – Реалии
15. RipBeat – Твой Дорогой Н
16. RipBeat – Корабль Дураков
17. RipBeat – Станция Война
18. RipBeat – Белая
19. RipBeat – Зарисовки Краха
20. RipBeat – Андрей
21. RipBeat – Лузервиль (Prod. By Smitbeat)

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Rhythm 旋律

The Beat Junkies – The World Famous Beat Junkies Vol. 2


Rockin’ With the Best
Work the Angles
People’s Choice
I Don’t Know
Univeral Magnetic
Rhettmatic @ the 96 West Coast
Without a Doubt
What It’s All About
Hoes to Doughs
Dead End Street
World Premiere
He Likes to Concentrate
Alley Cats
U Call Dis a Song?
Beat Junkie Interlude
Sparky Chronicles
3 Card Molly
I’m Commin’
Dynamic [Remix]
Beat Junkie Interlude 2
97 ITF Team World Champions – Babu, DJ Babu, J-Rocc, , Rhettmatic
Style Wars
From the Ground Up
All Star Line Up

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Rhythm 旋律

The Beat Junkies – The World Famous Beat Junkies Vol. 1

与 Invisibl Skratch Piklz 和 the X-Ecutioners一样, the Beat Junkies 是一个活跃于90年代中期,推崇唱盘主义(将唱机当成一种乐器)的 DJ 团体。 the Beat Junkies 以多样化的团员和 Green Lantern rings 厂牌闻名,92年由 J-Rocc (原名 Jason Jackson)在 Orange County (洛杉矶的外围 )创立。 核心 DJ Rhettmatic (原名 Nazareth Nizra) 和 Melo-D (原名 David Mendoza) 还有特别成员 Curse, Icy Ice, Symphony, and DJ What?!. 别的团员在第二年加入,包括 DJ Babu (原名 Chris Oroc) 和两个未来的 Invisibl Skratch Piklz的成员, Shortkut 和 D-Styles, 此外 Havikk 和 Tommy Gun. Mr. Choc 在95年的加入使团队正式成军。
  那一年, the Beat Junkies 在 Santa Ana 的郊区开始了他们的电台秀,并开始在南加州的比赛中检验他们的实力。核心四人组 J-Rocc, Babu, Rhettmatic 和 Melo-D 作为个人在各种比赛中夺魁,作为一个团体 ,the Beat Junkies 在97和98年赢得了the ITF (International Turntable Federation)团队冠军,之后他们便退出了竞争。
  同样是在97年,the Beat Junkies 发行了他们第一张公开的专辑(不是混音带), The World Famous Beat Junkies, Vol. 1,由 PR 唱片发行。接着,98年 在 Blackberry 发行了新的一辑(和 Rhettmatic),在99年(和 Melo-D)其中包括了那年他们 ITF 的冠军 routine。 J-Rocc and Babu 组成了 Bumrush Bros.,他们出现在99年 Rawkus 的精选合集 Soundbombing, Vol. 2,并在洛杉矶建立了 Fat Beats 唱片行,不久就发布了一张备受好评的精选。Babu 成为洛杉矶地下饶舌组合 Dilated Peoples 的第三名成员,并作为 DJ 完成了他们那张经典专辑 The Platform and Expansion Team; 与此同时, Rhettmatic 在 Visionaries 中担任了同样的角色,Melo-D 作为 Vibe 杂志的午夜电视节目的 in-house DJ。大部分的团员过去或是现在仍在电台或是别的领域工作。2001年, J-Rocc 凭借一张收录了1995-2000年与 Beat Junkie 相关的作品的合集 ,Classic Material , 建立了团体拥有的厂牌 Beat Junkie Sound 。


1. Intro
2. Back At Ya
3. Unassisted
4. The Session
5. How Ya Want It
6. My World Premiere
7. Visualize
8. Swing
9. Verbal Attack
10. What It Takes (Remix)
11. Gravity
12. Lovely Lady
13. Braggin’ Writes
14. Vital Nerve
15. Worldwide
16. Cash Money
17. Negroe League S Baseball
18. Tried By 12
19. Say Where
20. Father Time (Inst.)
21. Outro
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中国HipHop制作人Beats作品征稿中 立即加入