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  • 6月 27 / 2014
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Hardcore 硬核

Step Brothers (The Alchemist & Evidence) – Lord Steppington (Instrumentals) (2014)


01. Step Brothers – More Wins
02. Step Brothers – Dr. Kimble
03. Step Brothers – Byron G
04. Step Brothers – Legendary Mesh
05. Step Brothers – No Hesitation
06. Step Brothers – Swimteam Rastas
07. Step Brothers – Mums In The Garage
08. Step Brothers – See The Rich Man Play
09. Step Brothers – Banging Sound
10. Step Brothers – Step Masters
11. Step Brothers – Tomorrow
12. Step Brothers – Draw Something
13. Step Brothers – Buzzing Away
14. Step Brothers – Just Step

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  • 6月 26 / 2014
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Hardcore 硬核

71Raw – Ninja Guidance(Instrumentals)


The hip-hop movement has stormed through almost every place both nationwide and worldwide. And now the time has come for Orange County, California to become a part of hip-hop history. Orange County has undeniable been misrepresented in those popular television shows — and it’s time for 71RAW to show everyone that as much as the bourgeoisie lifestyle exists in the O.C., so does the hip-hop way of life.
  71Raw, in which the name is derived from the area code 714, is represented by Anthai, Martial Art, and Broken Tongue. Their history began when they all met in 1996 — Martial Art and Broken Tongue being childhood friends and then meeting Anthai during high school. It was after they met that their interest in emceeing and DJing slowly matured into full-grown, solid passion for creating music. It was in 1999 they first started making music and in 2004, they released their first album, “71Raw Project.” And, as luck (and, with no doubt, their talent) would have it, in 2005, 71Raw got the opportunity to be introduced to some of the Wu-Tang memebers by Christ Bearer of Northstar (Wu-Tang West Coast Killa Beez). Some of those Wu-Tang members include Rza, Method Man, Black Knights, Beretta 9, and Freemurda — just to name a few. So, the journey to work on their second album began that same year.
  After three years 71Raw has put together another underground Hip-Hop album entitled “Ninja Guidance,” which was produced 95% by Anthai and 5% by Martial Art. The album is honored to have guest appearances from Wu-Tang affiliated, including Solomon Childs, Beretta 9 (Killarmy), Black Knights, Christ Bearer (Northstar), and Pesha (Blackball Ent.). It was 71Raw’s goal to make an album that would take their fans back to the music of the golden Hip-Hop era that they grew up on: 90’s Hip-Hop! And, “Ninja Guidance” became the end result. Without any phony A&R or any type of management telling them how to make their album, 71Raw had 100% full control of their creativity to make this album raw and rough for their fans. This album will take you back to the days of Blackmoon, Wu-Tang, Jeru The Damaja, and Gangstarr

01 – Martial Art
02 – Revenge (feat. Beretta 9 of Killarmy & Christ Bearer of Northstar)
03 – Bloodline
04 – The Last Fight (feat. The Black Knights)
05 – Drunken Master
06 – M.C. Classic (feat. Platto)
07 – Mask Men (feat. Beretta 9 of Killarmy)
08 – Fuck Yall
09 – June 21st (feat. Christ Bearer of Northstar & 5 Star)
10 – Stay True (feat. The Black Knights)
11 – You’ve Been Bad
12 – Life Is Hard (feat. Pesha)
13 – Sun Moon & Stars
14 – Two Places At One Time
15 – Lace ’em
16 – 71war
17 – Raw Fish
18 – The Master & The Student (feat. Solomon Child & Monk of The Black)
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  • 6月 24 / 2014
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Jazz 爵士

Freddie Joachim – Overture

01 Telephone (Remix) Erykah Badu
02 You Want You Get
03 Freak Love (Remix) Toro Y Moi
04 Left & Right (Remix) D’Angelo
05 Looking Back
06 Sweep Away My Sorrow
07 SupaStar (Remix) Floetry;Common
08 Quick
09 Better Days
10 Golden (Remix) Jill Scott
11 Minutes
12 Brighton Beach (Remix) Telepopmusik
13 Twice (Remix) Little Dragon
14 Bare Naked (Remix) Slakah The Beatchild
15 Waves
16 Morena
17 Paces
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  • 6月 24 / 2014
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Jazz 爵士

The Roots – Instrumentals Album (2009)

Distortion To Static
What They Do
Proceed II
Concerto Of The Desperado
Da Lesson 1
Da Lesson III (It’s Over Now)
U.N.I.verse At War
Sweetback (Au Natural)
Proceed Without A Pause
Distortion To Static (At Ease Remix)
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  • 6月 22 / 2014
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Mixtape 分享

Evidence – The Green Tape Instrumentals


It‘s proud to announce the long awaited Green Tape Instrumentals , the fourth in a monumental series of instrumental productions from Los Angeles MC/producer, Evidence. Best known for his vocal prowess as one third of the ground-breaking trio Dilated Peoples and acclaimed solo debut The Weatherman , his diverse output includes releases and collaborations with The Beastie Boys, Kanye West, will.i.am, The Alchemist, DJ Babu, Fashawn, The Alchemist and Aceyalone amongst many more. This release is a continuation of a project Evidence has been exploring since 2004 with Yellow Tape Instrumentals , Purple Tape Instrumentals and the 2008 Decon release Red Tape Instrumentals . Set for release on June 25, Green Tape nstrumentals features 20 cuts of the finest instrumental hip-hop you ll find and is sure to inspire a new generation of switched on heads. Let s get it straight; what we re talking about is plain and simple: carefully refined tracks with crisp solid beats, shaped into a sensational full-length audio experience like no other.

01. Self Taught (2:39)
02. Killer Bees (2:08)
03. Run It Back (1:40)
04. Waste Of Time (2:22)
05. Roc Germany (2:06)
06. West Coasting (1:24)
07. F Train (2:24)
08. 3 Murals (2:30)
09. First Light (1:28)
10. Braille (1:33)
11. Break! (1:09)
12. India (1:54)
13. His Country (1:20)
14. Before Tour (2:35)
15. Scrolling (1:47)
16. Synth Moments (2:40)
17. Good Evening (1:36)
18. Mariachi (1:43)
19. Bong (1:15)
20. Scary Clown Music (1:09)

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